Dwayne Johnson Height and Weight: Measurements


All About Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s Biography

He was born on the 2nd of May as Dwayne Johnson but is known by his wrestling stage name “The Rock”. He was born in California at the town of Hayward. He has one brother and one sister called Curtis and Wanda Bowles. He comes from a family of wrestlers and his being a wrestler is believed to be greatly influenced by members of his family. His dad Professor West Rocky Johnson was also a renowned wrestler and his mum Ata Johnson also worked for the wrestling federation but not as a wrestler. He studied at the University of Miami and was on the college’s football team. He played for the team and took and in 1991, he ensured a win for the team: Miami Hurricanes football team. He is a very prominent figure in the acting and wrestling field with a total of 17 titles in the World Wrestling Federation and two awards and award nominations in the acting field. The film that brought him to the limelight is the Scorpion King. This did not only see to his success but to him earning a lot of money: 5.5 million dollars. His sun sign is Taurus. He is of mixed ancestry inheriting the Samoan blood from the mother’s side and the black Nova Scotia blood from the dad’s side.

Dwayne Johnson Height and Weight

Being a wrestler and the winner of heavy weight championship matches not more than once, you can easily guess that his lifestyle favors an Athletic body type. The retired wrestler is a bunch of muscles that are usually as a result of heavy weight lifting. A high percentage of his body is covered by muscles. He weighs 119 kilograms. He is oddly tall with a height of 6 feet and 5 inches. This height combined with his muscular body gives him a gigantic kind of appearance. He has an inverted triangle shaped body; this is a common shape among any men since men have broad shoulders and narrow thighs. This inverted triangle shape is more enhanced since his weight lifting has added bunches of muscles around his shoulders and arm area. His chest measuring at 50 inches is noticeably wider than his waist which measures 35 inches.

Body Measurement Summary

Body Type Athletic

Height 6 feet 5 inches

Weight 119 kilograms

Ethnicity Multi racial

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Dark Brown

Chest 50 inches

Waist 35 inches

Arms / Biceps 20 inches

Thighs 31 inches

Shoe Size 14 US

Body Measurements 50-35-31 (Chest- Waist-Thighs)

Dwayne Johnson Interesting Facts

  • He is close friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger former governor of California and an action film actor.
  • His favorite foods are pizzas and doughnuts
  • He has one daughter form his first and only marriage. He is currently divorced from his wife but they have remained close and have done some charity works together.
  • He extended his philanthropy o his former university by donating a total sum of one million US dollars to be used for the renovation of all football related activities in the campus. This rare gesture was reciprocated by the renaming of the Hurricane team to his name. She was the first Alumni to donate the highest amount of money to his for university and football team.
  • He has a cousin who is his replica: Tanoai Reed and his has played as his double during many occasions.
  • In his attempt to help the terminally ill children, he founded and named a foundation after him aimed at ensuring that the needs of children suffering from terminal illnesses are met.
  • The Smashing of the rear lights of the Porshe car is not a camera trick bu t a real accidental hit done by the star while “ Walking Tall” was being film.