Aaron Paul Height and Weight: Measurements

Aaron Paul Measurements

All About Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul’s Biography

Aaron Paul Sturtevant attained stardom as a highly gifted American actor with an unusual personality and incredible passion. In the series Breaking Bad, Aaron stands out as an extremely talented individual with the capacity to infuse a high degree of realism in cinematic arts. He was born in 1979 on August 27. His birthplace is Emmett, Idaho. Aaron is the youngest son of Robert Sturtevant who works as a Baptism minister and Darla Haynes. Aaron’s ethnicity is a mixture of English, Scottish, and German. He has four elder siblings. Aaron is a versatile and prolific actor who understands the art of connecting with the audience through passionate and realistic representation of actions, moods, and situations.

Aaron’s unyielding search for absolute excellence is manifest in various television shows such as Veronica Mars, commercials such as Vanilla Coke, and remarkable songs such as “Thoughtless.” His significant turning moment in film success followed the release of Big Love before he presented the most defining appearance in 2008, Breaking Bad. Aaron has continued to display admirable character and talent in many other films including the X-Files and Smashed. Aaron is a loving husband to Lauren Parsekian who he married in May 2013. The wedding took place in a lavish ceremony in Malibu.

Aaron Paul Body Measurements

Aaron Paul looks just as fabulous when he is wearing an official wear as he does in casual wear. The reason behind this is his body balance that consists of a modest weight and average height. Aaron is 5 feet 8 inches tall. The specter of Hollywood success favors tall individuals and those with some muscle and impressive biceps. In fact, body measurements can enhance or subtract from the profile of a Hollywood male star. In the case of Aaron, his body appearance seems to be in perfect agreement with the nature of roles that dominate his film roles. His average body type is quite consistent with the mischievous and crafty character he presents in Breaking Bad. Aaron weighs 72 kg, which is normal for a young man of his height. He is one of the few lucky celebrities who always look stunning in official wear. Thanks to his modest body measurements, his red carpet moments have always been glamorous. The 34-year-old celebrity is a man with a taste for great things in life.

There is evident harmony in Aaron’s chest size of 38 inches and a waist of 30 inches. It is not clear whether Aaron’s body dimensions derive from a consistent fitness schedule or proper dieting. He appears balanced from head to toe and does not struggle very hard to portray the impression of a star with a positive outlook on life. Some analysts have pointed to the benefits of good parenting as the main reason behind Aaron’s body dimensions. Obviously, he had consciously avoided the danger of a disproportionate relationship between the torso and lower parts of his anatomy. MoreOver, Aaron is one of the most charming faces in Hollywood. His well-defined facial features have won him the interest of celebrity columnists and the social media. Aaron Paul height and weight, and many other aspects of his lifestyle have always attracted multiple speculations regarding the methods used to sustain them. A few questions about possible facelifts or Botox treatment still remain unanswered.

Measurements Summary

Body Type: Average

Chest Size: 38 inches

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 72 kg

Waist Size: 30

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Feet/ Shoe Size: 9

Interesting Facts about Aaron Paul

  • Aaron Paul was born at home in the bathroom because of premature labor.
  • Aaron Paul raked in $ 150,000 in every episode of Breaking Bad.
  • At some point in his life, Aaron worked as a model.
  • Aaron Paul once worked as a frog mascot for one radio station.