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All About Serena Williams

Serena Williams’s Biography

She was born on the 26th of September 1981 as Serena Jameka Williams at a lacecalled Saginaw in Michigan town. Her father’s name is Richard Williams and her mother’s name is Oracebe Price. She is of African American origin. Her mother has five daughters three of whom are her half sisters. Isha Price, Yetunde Price and Lyndrea are her half sisters and Venus is her real sister. She was interested in tennis as a sport at the age of four and this was when she began practicing. This coincided with the time her family’s relocation to Compton in California. She is a talented and famous tennis player who is at the top of Singles tennis for women. She has been awarded a total of six championship titles by the tennis association for women. She has set a historical record as the only female tennis player to win a total of 50 million dollars. She is the female tennis player with the highest number of medals and awards in all kinds of this sport. She tops the doubles, singles and even the mixed doubles among all players both male and female. Generally, she is the best tennis player among both men and women.

Serena Williams Height and Weight

She is of a voluptuous body build with a pear body shape. The pear body shape is also a nice body figure and a common shape among most women but it is no longer a favorite among celebrities since most of them are striving for the Hour glass shape. This shape is defined by a relatively small bust but with wide hips and a small waist. Generally, body fat is stored in the lower region of the body making it more prominent than the upper region. Slender shoulders and a small bust size are also characteristic of this figure. With her 6 D cup size and 44 inches waist, Serena has a complete pear shaped body. She is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, this height makes her highly noticeable from a far. She is as tall as Michelle Obama. The smallness of her 28 inches waist is enhanced by her flat tummy probably from the extensive workout regime she has to undergo in relation to her games. Her body measurements are 36-28-44 inches.

Body Measurements Summary

Weight 70 Kilograms (154 lbs)

Height 5 feet 9 inches

Body shape Pear or Triangle

Eye Color Brown

Hair Color Black

Hip Size 44 inches

Bra Cup Size D

Ethnicity Black

Body Measurements 36-28-44 inches

  • Fun and Interesting Facts about Serena William
  • She and her blood sister Venus in conjunction with the renowned author Hilary Beard have written a book focusing on the lives of the two sisters.
  • She once dated the famous rapper Common
  • Serena Williams underwent the home school system of education
  • Serena and Venus are shareholders of the Miami Dolphins
  • As part of her philanthropy, she was a great contributor to the raising of funds that was used to build the Serena Williams Secondary school in Kenya at a place called Matooni.
  • She is passionate about issues affecting the youth and has been actively involved in supporting public sectors including clinics and schools whose main aim is to alleviate the risk factors facing the youths.
  • She was raised in the Jehova witness faith and it is their practice not to vote. She and Venus do not vote. But they are allowed to voice their opinions on who the best candidate is and their heart was with Barrack Obama in the previous election.
  • She has voiced various cartoon characters including playing her own self in the famous Simpsons
  • cartoon.
  • Her fashion line is named with her name spelled backwards. She has also worked as a designer for other companies including Puma.