Gerard Butler Height and Weight: Measurements

Gerard Butler Height and Weight Measurements

All About Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler’s Biography

He was born as Gerard James Butler on the 13th of November 1969 at a place called Paisley, Renfrewshire Scotland. Most of his life, he grew under the care of his mother due o the fact that his parents divorced when he was only one year and six months old and had to live with his mother. His mother, Margaret Butler moved back to Scotland after her marriage to Edward Butler, Gerard’s father came to an end. She took Gerard with her. Gerard is the last child of his parents. He has two older siblings. He traces his background to the Irish people. He is a trained lawyer who studied and graduated at the University of Glasgow. He is an actor for film, television and stage. He felt he did not fit in his job due to the fact that he had to wear suits and stay within the office environment. He entered into the world of showbiz in the middle nineties. His initial roles were small productions which he later graduated from and landed big roles which made him the famous man he is now. The most memorable role which brought him to the limelight was in 300 where he played the role of King Leonidas. His star sign is Scorpio.


Gerard Butler Height and Weight

The actor is of a bunch of muscles. He has an attractive physique which he acquired during his early years in the industry. He claims that he had always wanted to look muscular and fit into the hero roles in movies. Spending four months in the gym doing push press, chin ups, sled pulls and others muscle building exercises are what have made him who he is. The actor weighs 90 Kilograms with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. Just like his desire had always been, he has the complete physique of a hero not only in movies but also in real life. His gigantic frame has earned him many leading roles in different movies and television films. He has a triangular shape: wide shoulders, a wide 48 inches chest and a 36 inches waist. His thighs are relatively narrow a few inches narrower than his waist. For men, emphasis is laid on broad shoulders and chest. He is a celebrity who has the complete male physique.

Body Measurement Summary

Weight 90 Kilograms

Height 6 feet 2 inches

Waist 36 inches

Chest 48 inches

Bicep 46 inches

Shoe Size 11 US

Hair Color Light Brown

Ethnicity White

Eye Color Green

Interesting facts about Gerard Butler

  • The actor has been battling with alcoholism, an issue he has openly admitted to in the media. He had been had to deal with several legal issues and faced arrest a number of times due to uncontrollable behavior often linked with alcoholism.
  • He suffered an accident in 2011 and had to rely on pain killers. This led him to discover that he was abusing substance; luckily, he has this corrected at a rehabilitation center.
  • He has a Scottish and an Irish heritage.
  • He was once a singer in a rock band.
  • He hated having to wear suits and working in an office.
  • Despite the rumor that he dated Jennifer Aniston, he has never openly admitted to this fact.
  • He was fired from the final year of his time as a trainee lawyer after. This was after he arrived at work late and hung over obviously from a previous night in spree.
  • He claims that he hates how Americans pronounce his name and prefers they call him Gerry. He believes that most of his buddies pronounce his name the wrong just to drive him crazy.