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Sarah Hyland

All About Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland Bio

She was born as Sarah Jane Hyland on the 24th of November 1990 in Manhattan New York in the United States. She is an American actress and daughter to renowned actors in the industry. She is famous for her role in the series Modern Family where she portrays the role of the eldest daughter of the family. She is the daughter to Edward James Hyland and Melissa Canardo both of whom are actors. She is the first child of the family and sister to Ian Hyland who is also an actor. She has been on the industry since she was a young girl. At the age of only five, she had her first major film role in Private Parts. Her career has blossomed ever since and she has become one of the big names in the industry. Her sun sign is Sagittarius. She is of German, English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, English and Dutch ancestries. When she was only a child, she was diagnosed with a kidney condition: kidney dysplasia. When she was 22 years old, she had a kidney transplant to fix this condition with her father as the donor. She has been in a number of relationships but her relationship with Matt Prokop was placed on a high profile. The two had been living together for three years until Matt assaulted and threatened her prompting her to get a restraining order against him.

Sarah Hyland Height and Weight

The actress who is famous for her green eyes has a slender body frame with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. She has a column shaped body with small curves. Her body defines the modern fashion house convention. Modeling agencies like Victoria secret have moved to work with banana shaped women as opposed to the curvy. This act has brought about as much controversy as the banana body shape has attracted. Women with this body shape are defined by narrow waist and hips, small boobs and small ass cheeks. She has been used as the face of the OP clothing line. In her bikini clad photos trending all over the media, you can easily see that all her curves are in their places. She is the true definition of a slender but extremely attractive woman.

Sarah Hyland Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Slim

Body Shape Banana

Height 5 feet 2 inches

Weight 48 Kilograms

Waist Size 24 inches

Hip Size 34 inches

Eye Color Green

Bra Size 32 B

Shoe Size Her shoe size is unknown

Hair Color She is a natural dark blond but dyes her hair dark brown.

Sarah Hyland Fun Facts

  • She is a fun of the True Love television show.
  • Her favorite jewelry is the Tiffany and Company collection
  • Her favorite shoes are the Steve Madden collections
  • She is the eldest daughter of her family: four years older than her little brother.
  • All her family members are in the acting industry. Her two parents are actors and so is her little brother.
  • She was diagnosed with kidney dypslasia when she was a young girl.
  • She had a kidney transplant at age 22 to fix the above condition. She benefited from her father’s kidney.
  • She and Ashley Tisdale have appeared in the OP clothing line.
  • She portrayed the role of Mia in Scary Movie 5.
  • She loves spending her Sunday afternoons watching football.
  • She was a victim of assault and threats. Her then fiancé Matt Prokop assaulted her and she had to file for a restraining order.
  • Her first major film role was in Private Parts.
  • She is of Scottish, German, English, Welsh, Irish and Dutch ancestry.