Orlando Bloom Height and Weight: Measurements


All About Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom’s Biography

He was born as Orlando Jonathan Bloom on the 13th of January 1977 in England at a place called Kent in the town of Canterbury. Sonia Constance Josephine is the name of his English mother. He grew up under the belief that Bloom was his father but after his death, he was told that Bloom was his step father and Colin Stone was his father instead, despite this, he still uses his step father’s sir name. He comes from a family of two with an elder sister Samantha Bloom. His first appearance in show biz was after he was awarded a minor role a movie. Despite the not so good reception, he still held on until he landed a role in the Lord of the Rings. This is considered as his breakthrough role since his fame was illuminated then. He garnered more fame by stirring in other epic film movies. Fantasy and historical epic films together with a few adventure films were his preferred genre. He grew more famous with each movie and is now a celebrated actor who has won a number of awards and nominations in the acting industry. He was inducted into the Hollywood walk of fame despite him being an English actor. He has a son whom he got in his marriage to Miranda Kerr but the y are now divorced. His sun sign is Capricorn.

Orlando Bloom Height and Weight

He is not what you can call huge and muscular but he has perfect measurements for any gentleman who is not into weight lifting. His masculine body and sense of style has got him into the list of top 100 most handsome Bachelor’s in the world as prepared by the People Magazine. Weighing 77 kilograms with a height of 5 feet 11 inches, his athletic body is neither too fat nor too thin. His toned hands and chest muscles suggest regular work out regime. His chest is 43 inches and his arms are 14.5 inches with a waist of 33 inches. Looking at his pictures, there is no evidence of too much fat content since his body is all toned out. Generally his clothes fit well and this is all thanks to his well taken care of body and his perfect body frame.

Body Measurement Summary

Weight 77 Kilograms

Height 5 Feet 1 inches

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Dark Brown

Shoe Size 9 US

Build Athletic

Ethnicity White

Chest 43 inches

Arms 14.5 inches

Waist 33 inches

Interesting facts about Orlando Bloom

  • He grew up under the care of his step father thinking that this was his real dad only to learn that his mother’s close friend and partner was his real father.
  • Back in 2009, he was named the ambassador of goodwill by UNICEF.
  • He suffers from dyslexia
  • He follows the Buddhist religion
  • His favorite food include lamb prepared the New Zealand style, seafood from Sydney and South African steaks.
  • He has one dog named Sidi whom he adopted from Morocco. He rescued this dog while filming in the country.
  • His favorite holiday places are serene environments that can allow him to enjoy nature.
  • He become aware of the real identity of his biological dad at the age of 13
  • His biological father and mother were never married
  • Even after knowing his real father, he never dropped his step father’s name
  • He is a die had fun of the English soccer team: Manchester United
  • He had a smoking habit which he dropped and picked up the habit of biting nails.
  • Four teenage boys broke into his Hollywood Hills house and stole that cost over a million dollars but luckily, everything was recovered.
  • He is good in French.