Lil Wayne Height

lil wayne height

All About Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Bio

Born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, in September 27th 1982, Lil Wayne or sometimes referred to as Weezy, is an American hip hop recording artist born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The hip hop sensation started music at an early age when he joined Cash Money Records to become the youngest member of the record label. He was only 9 years old when he formed the music duo The BGz together with fellow rapper Lil Doogie. After 5 years, they again formed a hip hop group Hot Boyz alongside two other members of the Cash Money Records Young Turk and Juvenile. The group’s first song Get it how you Live did not fair on well and it was only after their second and third release Guerilla Warfare and Bling Bling that they became successful. After several successful hits, Lil Wayne would then become the lead artist for the Cash Money Records. He later opted to go solo when he formed his own record label named Young Money Entertainment, which he is the Chief Executive Officer. Under his own label, he released other successful hip hop singles that became popular and earned him many awards.

Lil Wayne Body Measurements

Apart from his excellent rapping skills, Lil Wayne is also popular for his heavily tattooed physically fit body. He is famous for shirtless performances and even music videos. In most of the shows or videos, the rapper shows off not only his well-developed abs but also his numerous tattoos. The hip hop sensation has an athletic body with a height of 5’6” or 168cm and a body weight of 59kgs or 130 pounds. Although other specific measurements for Lil Wayne’s body are not known, the rapper has a body that many a man would wish for. The tattoo laden rapper likes to show off his well-toned body and has confirmed that he does have a workout routine that helps him keep fit.

Lil Wayne Workout Routine

Lil Weezy is a lover of an active lifestyle. The award winning rapper shared that he likes to skate on a daily basis as part of being active. He says this activity helps him to build muscle and strength. The rapper says that staying healthy and fit does not have to be about hitting the gym every now and then, a little activity on a daily basis works out just fine. He also says dehydration is key to boost energy for the entire day no matter the activity you partake of. His other exercises include pull ups, bicep curls and bench presses for that killer athletic body. He also advices to eat a lot of healthy proteins such as eggs and beef.

Measurements Summary

Lil Wayne’s body measurements are not known but here is a short list of some of the statistics found about the rapper’s body:
Body type: Athletic
Height: 5’6” or 168cm
Weight: 59kgs or 130 pounds
Shoe size: 8 (US)
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Black

Lil Wayne has played some roles in the acting scene such as in the movie Access Granted where he made an appearance in the 30 minute show. The start has also been associated with other famous acts such as Bruno Mars, Jay Z among others. Besides his music, Lil Wayne has always created a lot of controversies in terms of relationships. He is said to have dated over 30 women and had children with most of them.