Justin Bieber Height and Weight: Measurements

Justin Bieber Height and Weight Measurements

All About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Biography

He was born as Justin Drew Bieber on the 1st of March 1994 in Ontario in the town of London at the St. Joseph’s hospital. He grew up in Ontario in the town of Stratford. His mother’s name is Patriciia Pattie Malteltel and se is of a French origin. She got pregnant with Beiber at the age of seventeen but never got married to his father Jeremy Jack Bieber. He was raised by his mother, maternal grandmother and step father. He was discovered through you tube by his current manger. His mother was fond of posting most of his performances and luckily her efforts bore fruit. His debut album entitled EP, My World brought him into the limelight. He rewrote the history of upcoming artists by being the first celebrity to have seven of his songs from his debut album in the hot 100 billboard list. He released more albums which took the world by storm wining him awards and award nominations. He has established a stronghold all over the world in terms of fans who call themselves “ Beliebers”. He was rated by the Forbes magazine as the third most influential and powerful celebrity in the world in 2012. The following year, he dropped down by six numbers. His sun sign is Pisces. He is a songwriter, musician, actor, dancer, composer and singer.

Justin Beiber Height and Weight

He has always had the reputation of looking much younger than his actual age. He is a teenage celebrity and his body is still changing. However, the changes you see are not the usual hormonal changes but changes related to weight lifting. He is gradually turning his body that was otherwise flat into some six pacs . Lately, his athletic body is gradually gaining mass and if he keeps doing what he is doing now, he will soon become one of the muscular celebrities. The Canadian based singer now measures 30 inches with a 10 inches bicep and a 29 inches waist. As you can see, the difference between his chest and waist is not so big but it is expected to grow wider since he is working on widening his chest. With a height of 5 feet and 4 inches and a weight of 56 kilograms, he has the perfect body for a singer. Most singing stars have muscular bodies and it seems like the Canadian hunk does not want to be left behind.

Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Athletic

Chest Size 30 inches

Waist Size 29 inches

Bicep Size 10 inches

Shoe Size 7.5 US

Height 5 feet 4 inches

Hair Color Light Brown

Eye Color Light Brown

Justin Beiber Fun Facts

  • The singing sensation is into venture capitalists and has also invested in technology. He believes in investing and only if he trusts the product.
  • He has had numerous legal issues. He has been arrested and charged for reckless driving, driving under the influence and he once told the police that he was under the influence of alcohol and Marijuana. He was once placed under arrest in Brazil.
  • The Pencils of Promise, a nongovernmental organization which aims at building schools in developing countries has benefited from his philanthropic act. He supports the organization with regular donations.
  • His favorite food is Spaghetti and burgers prepared by the McDonalds
  • His favorite drink is orange juice
  • He loves the color purple.
  • Despite his performances in the United States, he has explained that he does not want to get citizenship here since it has a bad health care system. He prefers the Canadian health care system and refers to it as the best in the world.