Austin Mahone Height and Weight: Measurements

Austin Mahone height and weight

All About Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone Bio

He was born as Austin Mahone on the 4th of April 1996 in San Antonio Texas. He was raised in the same town and his parents named him after his birth town. Much is not known about his family life except that his father Carter Mahone died one and a half years after his birth. The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear since the family does not give out the details. Austin was raised by his mother Michele Mahone fondly known as Mama Mahone by his son’s fans. His fan base comprises of a larger percentage of females. They call themselves Mahomies. He is a renowned pop singer who is credited to be the next Justin Beiber. He marketed his talent through YouTube. He posted his songs in YouTube and registered a high number of online followers in January of 2010. By November the following year, he was already popular and he was selected the teenagers ambassador for Lil Wayne’s fashion clothing line. The youngster was the face of the Trukfit fashion ware. He has also done commercials for the Mexican snack, Hot Nuts and the famous MacDonald. He is of mixed ancestry with roots from Germany, French, Czesh and English ancestries. His sun sign is Aries.

How Tall is Austin Mahone? Austin’s Body Facts

The pop star sensation has an athletic body with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. He is a tall boy, much taller than most of the seventeen year olds. His masculinity has already shown as it can be seen with has broadened shoulders and chest. Coupled with his height, he has an attractive physique that has played a big part in earning him the many female fans. Apparently, he is not satisfies with what you see. He has showed an interest in making himself bigger. This means that in the recent future, you should expect to see a heavier Austin Mahone. He currently weighs 67 kilograms but his desire to become a heavy weight will definitely see him increase his weight. He is still a young man and it is expected that there will still be more physical changes in the near future.

Austin Mahone Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Athletic

Height 5 feet 10 inches

Weight 67 kilograms

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Hazel

Shoe Size 11 US

Body Measurements He is looking forward to attaining a more muscular body.

Austin Mahone Fun and Interesting Facts

  • Chicken Alfredo, pizza and Lasgana are his favorite meals.
  • He supports eth San Antonio Spurs Team; this is also his favorite team.
  • Lil Wayne and big Sean are his favorite rappers.
  • He marketed his pop music through YouTube; he became popular through this media channel in 2011.
  • His fane base is made of a high population of women; all his fans call themselves mahomies.
  • His favorite sport is basketball
  • The Wall Street Journal listed his name in the first position among the contenders looking to follow the footsteps of Justin Beiber.
  • He has been on more than one occasion referred to as the second return of Justin Beiber.
  • He has one pet cat called Romo .
  • He titled his first single as 11:11.
  • Being a native of Texas, he was named after the city.
  • He loves to collect shoes and hats, it is documented that he has more than one hundred pairs of shoes. However according to him, he has more hats than shoes.
  • He lost his dad one and a half years after he was born but the cause of his father’s death is unclear. His Skype sessions are available at $50 dollars for every ten minutes. He uses these sessions to connect with his fans.