Amber Riley Height and Weight: Measurements

Amber Riley height and weight

All About Amber Riley

Amber Riley Bio

She was born as Amber Patrice Riley on the 15th of February 1986 in Los Angeles California. She is the daughter to Tiny Riley and Elwin Riley. She is a singer, philanthropist, songwriter and actress. Much is not known about her family life. She has not released any information on the number of siblings she has. She is famous for her role in the television series Glee. He portrayed the character of Mercedes Jones in this series. She was a main cast in the series in all the four seasons. She was also the winner of the 17th episode of Dancing with the Stars. When she was only seventeen, she auditioned for the American Idols show but she did not push through. Her philanthropic work has seen her become the spokes lady for Do Something. She has also participated in the PSA campaign whose initiative is to urge students to join them in the quest of ensuring music remains a school subject. The African American celebrity is an Aquarius. It was speculated that she dated Kevin McHale. Aside from being an actor, he is also her costar in the famous shoe Glee. Kevin is also two years younger than Amber.

How Tall is Amber Riley? – Amber’s Body Facts

The singer and actress is known for her voluptuous body build and high sense of self esteem. She is not the typical Hollywood star but has gone beyond Hollywood’s definition of ideal body to prove that it’s not always about looks. She has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches with an extremely large body. Trending on the internet are pictures of the elegantly clad actress who is obviously flaunting her large curves. Her body measurements are 39-35-38 inches give her an hour glass shape. She has the broad shoulders, a waist thinner than the hips and wide hips as it is with women with hourglass shape. She is also a well endowed woman with a cup size of 38 D. D cups are among the biggest cup size in women. She is a natural woman and her body has always been huge as it can be seen from her younger photos. She has not been diagnosed with any disorders and she has not registered any dramatic changes in her weight. The most amazing fact about Amber Riley weight is that she does not suffered from any complex.

Amber Riley Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Voluptuous

Body Shape Hour glass

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Dark Brown

Weight 78 kilograms

Waist Size 35 inches

Hip Size 38 inches

Body Measurements 39-35-38 inches

Bra Size 38 D

Amber Riley Fun and Interesting Facts

  • She has an obsession for shoes
  • She has one pet named Chewie
  • Producers of the American Idol competition locked her out of the show the first time she auditioned. She was only seventeen years old then.
  • She won the seventeenth season of Dancing with stars. She had partnered with the five time school champion Derek Hough.
  • She was Mrs. Erin Strauss’ drama student in her high school years.
  • When she won the Dancing with the Stars, she went into record as being Derek Hough’s partner who registered the highest scores.
  • She was involved in the PSA campaign aimed at sensitizing students and engaging her fans in the organization’s initiative to ensure music remains a school subject. The sensitization was carried out through social media.
  • She is the campaign spokes lady for the Do Something Campaign.
  • She dated her costar in the television series Glee, Kevin Mc Hale.
  • Kevin McHale is two years younger than her.
  • She was a main cast in all the four seasons of Glee.