Raini Rodriguez Height and Weight: Measurements

Raini Rodriguez height and weight

All About Raini Rodriguez

Raini Rodriguez Bio

She was born as Raini Alena Rodriguea on the 1st of July 1993 in Bryan Texas. She is of Hispanic descent born of Hispanic parents. Her family owns the Rodriguez tire center. She was discovered by a talent agent when she was only 11 years old. Susan Osser, a talent agent based in California discovered the then young Raini. She made the suggestion that she goes back to California with the young star and help her develop her career. The discovery was made during the IMTA showcase. Luckily for Raini, her mother agreed and she together with her brother Rico moved to California. Rico is also one of the successful actors in the industry. Her mother was of great support to them. She homeschooled them since they had little time to attend school. Her parents names are Roy and Diane Rodriguez. She comes from a family of four and she is the only daughter of the family. Other members include two boys: Rojo and Ray. He sun sign is cancer. Since her humble entry in the industry, she has grown to become one of the most successful actresses and singers in America. She has been awarded many roles in the acting industry and she is most famous for her role in Austin and Ally as Trish.

How tall is Raini Rodriguez? –┬áRaini’s Body Facts

Raini has a large body frame and a short stature. She has always been a large girl as it can be seen from her younger photos. at the age of only 21, she weighs 70 kilograms and has a height of only 5 feet. She is a young girl who does not fit into the typical Hollywood celebrity image but she has not let this affect her in any way. She has chased her dream and now is one of the most celebrated celebrities in America. With a waist size of 37 inches and a hip size of 42 inches, she is one of the largest 21 year olds in the industry. She flaunts her body whenever she can. Her diet plan is not available and it is speculated that she does not work out a lot. This would explain the weight but all the same, she is still a beautiful and talented actress. Her body has once rendered her the object of insults when she was at crossheads with the actress Demi Lovato who accused her of showing off an unhealthy body to young girls. Raini always finds a way of getting over such incidents. Where it not for the belly fat, she could have had a nice pear shape but she now has an apple body shape with not so enhanced curves.

Raini Rodriguez Body Measurements Summary

Body Build Large

Body Shape Apple

Height 5 feet

Weight 70 kilograms

Bra Cup Size 34 B

Waist Size 37 inches

Hip Size 42 inches

Body Measurements 36-37-42 inches

Hair Color Black

Eye Color Dark Brown

Feet/Shoe Size 6 US

Raini Rodriguez Fun and Interesting Facts

  • Her favorite school subjects is reading
  • Her favorite television show is friends
  • She is Hispanic born of Hispanic parents
  • Her family owns the Rodriguez tires business.
  • Amy Lynda guided her through her studying.
  • She and her brother were sometimes homeschooled by their mother after they started pursuing their acting career.
  • Among the cast members of Austin and Ally, she was the shortest.
  • Her favorite genre of movies is horror.
  • Purple is her favorite color.
  • She loves strawberry flavored ice creams.
  • She won the best young television actress award in 2013 by Imagery Awards.
  • Demi Lovato attacked her for sending the wrong message to young girls by showing off her not so healthy body images.