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Queen Latifa’s Biography

She was born as Dana Elaine Owens on the 18th of March 1970 in Newark New Jersey. She spent most part of her life in East Orange New Jersey. She is the daughter to Rita and Lancelot Owens Senior and a sister to the late Lancelot Junior who died in a car accident in 1992. Her mother was a teacher at Livington high school while her father was a police officer. Her parents divorced when she was only aged 10. She attended a Catholic school but was raised in Baptist faith. She is a television producer, a singer, a model, an actress, songwriter, talk show host, rapper, comedienne, television and record producer. She is the perfect modern woman who struggles to take up every role in the entertainment industry. She is considered the pioneer of feminist hip hop in the industry. She got her stage name Latifah from an Arabic book when she was only eight years old. The name means a delicate and kind person in Arabic. Her moment of prominence was defined by her role as “Mama” Morton in the film Chicago. This was an award winning musical film. She then landed other lead and supporting roles in the industry and recorded major success by winning an array of awards. She has a Golden Globe, 2 image, Grammy and 2 screen actors Guild awards. Her sun sign is Pisces.

Queen Latifah Height and Weight

She is known for her voluptuous body frame since her early days in the industry. The actress is a tall woman standing at 5 feet 10 inches. She has an attractive apple shaped body. Despite the fact that she is considered too huge in a manner that is not usual for most females, she is proud of her image. She sets a good example to young girls by urging them to be proud of who and what they are. Her body measurements are 45-43 – 45 inches. This could have made a perfect hourglass shape where it not for the belly fat. It is assumed that her body fat content is a whole 40 percent. Her boobs are also relatively large but perfect for her huge body frame. She is a 40 DD now. She was an F before she had a reduction procedure but not fie the usual aesthetic but for health reasons.

Body Measurements Summary

Weight 91 kilograms

Height 5 feet 10 inches

Shoe Size 10 US

Bra Size 40 DD

Eye Color Dark Brown

Hair Color Light Brown

Breast Size 45 inches

Hip Size 45 inches

Body Measurements 45-43-45 inches

Interesting Facts about Queen Latifah

  • Her brother died on a motorcycle accident while riding the motorcycle she had bought him. This caused her to fall into depression and drug abuse. Luckily she recovered from this menace but still wears the key to the motorcycle on her neck.
  • She underwent a breast reduction procedure in 2003 that saw her F cups reduced to DD cups, this was done to lessen the shoulder and back pain. These pains have also caused her to carry out her workout in kick boxes and trainers.
  • She was awarded the honor of narrating Maya Angelou’s poem during Michael Jackson’s memorial service in 2009. The poet was unable to attend the memorial.
  • In 1995, she was attacked by carjackers, an incident that led to the shooting of her boyfriend Sean Moon.
  • She has also had her rough time with the law especially during the time she was nursing her depression. She was arrested and charged for possessing a loaded hand gun and Marijuana. The arrest took place in 1996.
  • She was placed under 3 years of probation after the 2002 arrest which found her guilty of driving under the influence.