Nick Jonas Height and Weight: Measurements

Nick Jonas height and weight

All About Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Bio

He was born as Nichols Jerry Jonas on the 16th of September 1992 in Dallas Texas. He is currently recognized by his nick name Nick which is a shortened version of his birth name. He inherited his singing talent from both his parents. His mother was a singer and also a sign language teacher. His father who at some point in his life was ordained by the assemblies of God as a minister of the word was a singer and a songwriter. He is an American songwriter, multi instrumentalist and singer. He is a member of the Jonas Brothers which is a famous band that specializes in pop music. Other members of his band include his two older brothers Joe and Kevin. He is of German, Italian, Irish, Scottish, English, French- Canadian and Cherokee ancestry. His Italian ancestry is from his grandfather’s side. Aside from his two elder brothers who are members of his band, he has a younger brother named Frankie. H is famous for the roles he played in Camp rock among many other movies. His talent was discovered when he was only six years old while he was with his mother in a barber shop. By the time he was seven, he was already performing in Broadway. He suffers from Diabetes Type 1 and uses an insulin pump; he was diagnosed with this condition when he was only thirteen years old. He was homeschooled by his teacher mother.

How Tall is Nick Jonas? Nick’s Body Facts

Nick is not what you can cal muscular but his physique is masculine. His muscles are not as obvious as those of heavy weight lifters. He has an athletic body frame with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. He weighs 65 kilograms. He has a nice physique of for a 22 year old young man. His 42 inches wide chest and 14 inches wide arm are almost the average measurements for young men of his age. Generally, Nick is an attractive young man who has kept his weight in check. He is an idol for many young boys and an object of desire for many young women.

Nick Jonas Body Measurements Summary

Body Build Athletic

Height 5 feet 9 inches

Weight 65 kilograms

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Dark Brown

Chest Size 42 inches

Arm Size 14 inches

Waist Size 28 inches

Shoe Size 8 US

Nick Jonas Fun and Interesting Facts

  • At the age of 13, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has been using an insulin pump since then to manage his condition.
  • His philanthropic work is geared towards helping people with his condition. In conjunction with five charity organizations, he founded the Change for the Children Fund. This organization is aimed at sensitizing the world on diabetes and raising money to help children suffering from this condition.
  • He dated Miley Cyrus
  • His favorite food is Suchi
  • His favorite song is Superstition
  • The Cowboys and Giants are his favorite football teams.
  • He has a dog named Elvis.
  • He loves collecting baseball cards
  • He was discovered at a barber shop when he was only six. He had accompanied his mother to get a haircut.
  • He was homeschooled by his own mother.
  • He was named the Diabetes ambassador by the Bayer Diabetic Care with whom he has done numerous works with.
  • He comes from a boys only family, he is the second last by of the family.
  • Nick Jonas and the Administration is the name of his new band. They released their first album in 2010.
  • He dated Selena Gomez.
  • He is of Cherokee, French-Canadian, English, Irish, Italian and German ancestry.