Michelle Obama Height and Weight: Measurements

michelle obama Height and Weight Measurements

All About Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s Biography

She was born as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson on the 17th of January 1964 in Chicago Illinois. She is the daughter to a dad who was working with the city water plant and a mom who was a dedicated homemaker at least until her daughter had been enrolled in a high school. Michele was always a bright student and she even had to skip the second grade. Aside from being the first lady of the United States, she is a writer and an attorney. She graduated from the Harvard school of law and from Princeton university. She holds the record as the first African American lady to hold the first lady position. She has two daughters Malia and Natasha who is fondly known as Sasha. She was brought up in a conventional kind of setting with the usual family dinners, meetings and activities. She worked for the Sidney Austin law firm and this is the place where she met the current President Barrack Obama. With her position as the first lady, she has become a trend setter in the fashion industry as well as a role model to many women all over the world. She is also on the fore front on the ventures like poverty eradication, healthy eating habits and other nutrition related ventures. Her horoscope sign is Capricorn.

Michelle Obama Height and Weight

She is a tall woman with an athletic body build and a pear shaped form. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, she has always towered over the crowd. The elegant first lady has a slender upper body in comparison to her lower body meaning that most of her body fats are stored in the lower part of her body. She has a curvy body frame and it shows in all the clothes she wears. Her 39 inches hips are relatively wider than her 36 inches boob size and this difference is enhanced by her 28 inch waist. Her cup size is 34 B, also in perfect harmony with her height and athletic body frame. She is a woman who is conscious of her body image as reflected in her concern about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Her weight has not gone any kind of dramatic changes. Due to her workout regime, she has a toned body with toned arms that defy the myth that a toned arm has to be accompanied by muscles.

Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Athletic

Body Shape Pear

Hair Color Black

Shoe Size 11 US

Bra Cup Size B

Bra Size 34 B

Height 5 feet 11 inches

Weight 77 kilograms

Eye Color Black

Ethnicity Black

Hip Size 39 inches

Breast Size 36 inches

Body Measurements 36-28-39 inches

Interesting facts about Michelle Obama

  • The first lady is a fashion icon and a great role model to many women both young and old, it is interesting to know more about her and what her life is like.
  • When she met the current president who is her husband, she was his senior.
  • Her dissertation was centered on her people; she carried out a research on the blacks educated in Princeton and their relationship to the black community at large.
  • She went for an interview at the University of Chicago with four month old baby. She claims that this was because she was unable to find a baby sitter on the day of the interview.
  • Her favorite food is French fries, ironic coming from a woman who urged everyone to practice healthy eating habits.
  • She is the only first lady to ever make it to the Marxim list of the hottest 100 women of the world despite her non provocative manner of dressing.