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Louis Tomlinson height and weight

All About Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson Bio

He was born a Louis Troy Austin on the 24th of December 1991. He is the son to Troy Austin and Johannah Poulston . His parents divorced and he was estranged form his biological father. His mother remarried Mark Tomilson and Loius dropped his father’s name and picked the Tomlinson sir name that he uses to date despite the fact that his mother and Mark are no longer married. He has no full siblings but half five sisters. Four of them are from his mother’s side: Felicite, Charlotte, phoebe and Daisy, the last two are identical twins. Georgia is his half sister from his father’s side. His mother’s second marriage came to an end in 2011. He began his career in the entertainment field as an actor. Fat Friends was his first role in the industry. In this television series, he appeared alongside his twin sisters: they acted the baby parts. He is an English footballer, actor, pop singer and song writer. He is currently famous for being a member of the One Direction, a hit boy band of whom he is the founder. He also co owns the football league. Louis was not lucky with his education as he failed in his first year of A levels. He had enrolled at Hayfield School and had to drop out for this reason. Luckily, he made it on the outside and he is one of the famous English youngsters in the world today. He is a Capricorn.

How Tall is Louis Tomlinson? – Louis’ Body Facts

A handsome celebrity like Louis is bound to attract lots of attention is way. He is famous for his success which he has achieved at a very tender age. However, his physical attributes go a long way in making him a darling among most f his fans. He has an average boy build but unfortunately, most of his body measurements are not known. He stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 71 kilograms. He is a twenty two year old boy and his physique reflects his age. Clearly, he is not into weight lifting as can be seen by his average sized biceps. As a footballer, it is expected that he works out a lot. You can easily see this from his toned muscles and stomach.

Louis Tomlinson Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Average

Height 5 feet 9 inches

Weight 71 Kilograms

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Blue

Feet /Shoe Size 9 US

Louis Tomlinson Fun and interesting Facts

  • He had only had two girlfriends and he is currently dating Eleanor Calder.
  • His favorite television movie is One Tree Hill
  • His favorite band is the fray
  • Aside from being the founder of the One Direction band, he is also the oldest member of the band.
  • He does not use his biological father’s name, he uses his stepfather’s name instead and he is still using it despite him and his mother divorcing.
  • His celebrity crush is Natalie Portman
  • He has a pet dog named Ted.
  • He said that if he were not an actress, he would have been a drama teacher.
  • Before his success, he has worked as a waiter.
  • His idol is Robbie Williams.
  • He has no siblings from both his biological parents but has five half sisters from both his mother and father’s side: from his mother’s second marriage and one from his father’s second marriage.
  • He failed his A levels in his first year. He was enrolled at Hayfield School.
  • He started his career as an actor
  • He appeared alongside his twin baby sisters in his first television series, Fat Friends.
  • He is estranged from his biological father.