Logan Henderson Height and Weight: Measurements

Logan Henderson

All About Logan Henderson

Logan Henderson Bio

He was born as Logan Philip Henderson on the 14th of September 1989 in North Richland Hills. He spent his entire childhood and part of his youth here until when he turned 18 and moved to California to pursue an acting career. He is a song writer, a singer and an actor. He was raised under the Lutheran religion. He is the son to Jeffrey Lynn Henderson and Pamela Ann Wright. He is the eldest child of the family of two. He has a younger sister Presley Henderson. He is famous after being a cast member of the Big Time Rush: a Nickelodeon television series. He is also famous for being a band member of the Big Time Rush Band. Just like the rest of the members of the band, he enjoys fame due to the fact that the band has been brought to the spot light for winning several awards and award nominations. His sun sign is Virgo. He is of mixed ancestry with Polish, German, Scottish , English and Hispanic roots.

Logan Henderson Height and Weight

He is a handsome young man with an athletic body build. His body measurements are not known but judging from his pictures, he is working hard to maintain this body shape and size. For a twenty five year old, he has a masculine body build. He is obviously not into heavy weight lifting but clearly he has worked up a way of keeping fit while maintaining his masculinity. With a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, he is definitely the movie superstar he is often presented as. His body cannot be described as a typical masculine body; he has an atypical body frame which makes him stand out among the crowd. His body shape, height and weight of 75 kilograms are in perfect proportion with each other.

Logan Henderson Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Athletic

Weight 75 kilograms

Height 5 feet 9 inches

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Dark Brown

Body Measurement His body measurements are not known

Shoe Size His shoe size is not specified

Logan Henderson Fun Facts

  • His favorite foods are Japanese cuisine and Hibachi.
  • Her favorite television program is Entourage.
  • Dahlia is his favorite flower.
  • His favorite movie is Anchor Man.
  • His favorite song is “If I Rule the World”.
  • His lucky and favorite number is five.
  • His favorite school subject is Biology.
  • Black is his favorite color.
  • The white tiger is his favorite color.
  • Basketball is his favorite sport.
  • While in High school, he was his class clown.
  • He is of Hispanic, German, Polish, English and Scottish ancestry.
  • In 2009, his band signed a recording contract with the Columbia records.
  • He is a member of the multiple award winning and award nominations band The Big Time Rush Band.
  • He has only one sister who is younger than him: Presley Henderson.
  • He was born in North Richland Hills and spent all his childhood and part of his youth here.
  • He went to California when he was eighteen to pursue his acting talent.
  • He is a Lutheran.