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Leonardo DiCaprio Bio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a magnificent American actor and prolific film producer who basks in the glory of career success. Di Caprio was born on 11 November 1974 in Los Angeles, California, United States. DiCaprio’s parents are Irmelin DiCaprio, a retired legal secretary, and George DiCaprio who specializes in the production, publication, and distribution of comic art and books. Leonardo’s ancestry is a combination of Italian and German on his father’s side, and German and Russian on his mother’s side. Leonardo has a step brother called Adam Farrar. His astrological sign is Scorpio. DiCaprio has imparted a profound influence through his highly successful roles in the various genres of film including comedies, sitcoms, and movies. His inaugural successes include the sitcom Growing Pains and the Soap Opera, Santa Barbara. His recent phenomenal successes include Gangs of New York, Blood Diamond, and Django Unchained. He also played crucial roles in the Wolf of Wall Street and other overrated films. However, his best moment arrived with Titanic (1997), which is still highly regarded around the world. DiCaprio has dated three models including Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, and Anne Vyalitsyna. His estimated net worth is $ 220 million.

How Tall is Leonardo DiCaprio – DiCaprio’s Body Facts

DiCaprio is an incredibly tall celebrity with an unenviable height of 6 feet and 1 inch. His poise and average build enhances his handsome appearance in public and on the movie screens. In this case, he must count himself doubly gifted on account of his looks and the immensity of his talent. It should not surprise anyone how DiCaprio manages to attract one renowned model after another. Other than his height, DiCaprio displays a healthy weight that matches very easily with the rest of his physical attributes. He weighs 75 kg. Any nutritionist must admit that everything goes well for a 39-year-old man who rises to a height of 6 feet and weighs 75. The rules of Body Mass Index are perfectly in his favor. The grapevine obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio height and weight appears to be hooked on the contribution of these attributes to his soaring fame. Indeed, he works like a dynamo by acting or producing one movie after another. However, the world knows that highly successful men have more than effort to take them high and keep them there. For DiCaprio, this element of success is spiced up by his average build, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

So much has been said and written about DiCaprio’s lifestyle. Much of these has tended to focus on his workout routine, diet, and social habits. These three things are integral to the general appearance of any celebrity. DiCaprio has Gregory JouJon Roche as his personal trainer. His physical exercises are only limited by whatever he needs to burn fat. They include strength training, cardio, marshal art, interval training and Yoga. DiCaprio’s impressive triceps and the solidly built backside of the upper body are products of 30 minutes of weightlifting everyday. DiCaprio balances his fitness exercises with a healthy diet that comprises of organic food, which include organic meat, green vegetables, nuts, chicken, fruits, and seeds. He prefers lean protein, healthy fats, and carbs. On all accounts, his great physique constitutes a perfect reward for his efforts. DiCaprio is not a reckless celebrity. He understands that poor dieting and negative habits such as hard drinking or drugs can ruin his health and career with one point blank shot. The gifted actor leaves a near perfect lifestyle for a man of his stature. Those close to him know that he devotes most of his time on health and career matters. This is how a superstar should live.

Measurements Summary

Body Shape: Muscular

Body Type: Average

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 75 kg

Chest Size: 42 inches

Biceps: 14 inches

Waist Size: 35 inches

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Feet/ Shoes: 12

Interesting Facts about Leonardo DiCaprio

  • DiCaprio is a devoted environmentalist and seeks support to save tigers in Nepal.
  • He began his celebrity life by appearing on television commercials.
  • The year he turned 10, an agent tried to convince him to switch his name from Leonardo DiCaprio to Lenny Williams, but he declined.
  • DiCaprio auditioned for the movie, Batman Forever in 1995, but did not get the role.