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lebron james diet

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LeBron James is a world renowned Basketball player playing for Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. His success is attributed to him winning several awards in the basketball arena including 2 NBA championships, 4 NBA Most Valuable Player awards, 2 Olympic gold medals and 2 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Awards. Among these achievements, LeBron has also played excellently for other teams apart from Cleveland including Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors. The Cleveland’s forward and all-time top scorer is not only famous on the courts but is also a top celebrity in the athletics world. His personal life has been the subject of media scrutiny for a long time and is said to be one of America’s most influential athletes. However, the latest news on him has been his 10-20 pound weight loss.

LeBron James’s tremendous weight loss has created a fuss not only on the internet but also on TV and print media. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ player has been on the spot light for his 67 –day summer diet that saw him lose a couple of pounds. The question on everyone’s mind though is “how did he do it?’ Apparently, the decision to follow a strict diet in the last couple of months was to help him stay in shape for his training camp and also to test his “mental fortitude”. Well, it obviously looks like the plan worked out just fine. His simple diet consisted of meats, including fish, vegetables and fruits: no carbs, dairies and sugar. This kind of diet has been associated with paleo diet in every way since it excludes processed foods and sugars. LeBron even had to turn down a special cake made for him just because it would interfere with his whole diet plan. Here is a sneak peek into LeBron James’s life changing or rather weight-changing 3-meal diet that everyone is talking about:


For breakfast, LeBron had zero carb meals consisting only fruit, scrambled eggs (fried in extra-virgin oil) and maybe top up with leftover chicken or fish. This type of breakfast is a sure energy booster compared to the normal cereal or bread breakfast.


In LeBron’s diet, lunch has to be light but still balanced. The meal, however, has to be low-carb in order to cut down weight gain. It should consist of any of the meats e.g. chicken, steak, fish or hard-boiled egg for your protein intake. Fruits such as avocado or apple and a vegetable salad for vitamins. Remember that the meats can be grilled, pan fried in extra virgin oil or roasted. Some cheese in the salad could also work perfectly. It is also advisable to pack lunch because food served in the restaurants or cafes are usually filled with carbs and saturated fats.


Dinner, just like lunch, consists of meats such as chicken, lamb or fish. Again, they can be grilled, roasted or fried in extra virgin oil. Avoid rice and pasta and for dessert, have a well-balanced fresh fruit or vegetable salad. In the pictures that LeBron shared on social media, his meals consisted of a lot of vegetables and fruits, which are a main part of paleo diets.