Kristen Bell Height and Weight: Measurements

Kristen Bell Height and Wight Measurements

All About Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell’s Biography

She was born as Kristen Anne Bell on the 8th of July 1980 in Huntington Woods in Michigan, a small suburb in Detroit. She was also raised at the same place. Her mother Lorelei is a registered nurse and her father Tom Bell is a television news director working in Sacramento for the CBS channel. Following the divorce of her parents when Bell was only two years old, her father remarried and has given her two half younger sisters: Jody and Sara. She is of mixed ancestry namely: Scottish, Irish and polish. She is a renowned American singer and actress. She released her debut in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer where she took up the role of Becky Thatcher. She then appeared in various films and movies taking up both supportive and leading roles. She landed a leading role in the movie Spartan, however, this did not bring her as much fame as her lead role in the television series Veronica Mars did. Due to her great acting talent, she has been nominated for various awards some of which she won. She has a Satellite and Saturn Award to her name and a Television Critics Association and Teen Choice Award nominations to her name. Her star sign is cancer.

Kristen Bell Height and Weight

The actress is described as slim due to her small body frame. She is slim but curvy with the kind of measurement that is termed as appropriate. She has a small waist relatively wide hips and a bust measurement that matches up to her hips. She has not struggled so much with weight issues, being a mother of two, she is considered to be lucky to have the kind of body she has. All tight and firm where it matters, these are the words that best describe the hour glass shaped actress. Her body measurements are 34-24-34 inches. While her height is 5 feet tall and her weight is 48 kilograms. Looking at the figures, it becomes clear why her hips appear much wider than they really are. This is based on the fact that she has a slender build and her hips appear much bigger. Her 32 A cups are also firm and does not seem to have any out of the ordinary appearance.

Body Measurement Summary

Body Type: Slim

Height 5 feet tall

Weight 48 kilograms

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Blue

Bra Size 32 B

Shoe Size 6 US

Breast Size 34 inches

Hip size 34 inches

Body Measurements 34-24-34 inches

Interesting Facts about Kristen Bell

  • She hated her first name at the tender age of four and her mother made her use her middle name “Anne” until she was in high school.
  • At some point in her life, he did not like dating and he claim that the thought makes her puke, this led her to end a five year relationship with fiancé Mann.
  • She made the choice to become a vegan at age 11.
  • She loves animals and supports the San – Diego based Helen Woodward Animal Center.
  • She loves to attend fundraisers aimed at offering animal support including APCA and all other nongovernmental organizations aimed at protecting animals.
  • She participated in the Barrack Obama campaign and was actively involved in encouraging voter registration and analysis of candidates.
  • She loves cooking and spends her free time reading cooking magazines
  • She has given her voice to various video games including the widely played Assassin’s Creed. Her voice has been used for a recurring character from 2007 to 2009.
  • Her role models in the industry include, Kathy Bates, Toni Collete and Tilda Swinston .
  • She suffers from Strabismus, which affects her right eye and worsens if she does not get enough rest. He inherited this condition from her mother.