Kevin Hart Height and Weight: Measurements

kevin hart height and weight

All About Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Bio

He was born as Kevin D hart on the 6th of July 1979 in Northern part of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the United States. He had a difficult childhood as he and his brother were raised by a single mother. His father was a cocaine addict and he was never around during his growing up since he was constantly serving time in prison. He is an American actor and comedian who is of African American origin. His comic character started as a means of escape from his troubled lifestyle. He told jokes to escape the harsh reality of the hardships he faced back at home. He is the younger of two sons; he is Robert Hart’s younger brother. He had a hard time establishing his career as a comedian. He was not immediately loved by his audience and was often ridiculed and booed out of stage. However, he did not give up and kept up his standup comedy performances in Philadelphia until he was pronounced the winner of an amateur comedy competition held in a club. He registered success as an actor in the year 2000 by earning a breakthrough role in the television series Undeclared. After this, he earned more movie roles which took him up the ladder. In 2008, he released a standup comedy album which was his comedy breakthrough: I’m a Grown Little Man. His star is cancer.

How Tall is Kevin Hart? –  Kevin’s Body Facts

Kevin hart is famous for his short stature aside from his entertaining sense of humor. He is 5 feet and 2 inches tall; this is not a common height among most men but it is among women. Despite his short stature, he has a well built body probably from a bit of weight lifting. His muscular arms suggest that he does more than the usual running to keep fit. His body size is in perfect harmony with his height. He weighs 64 kilograms. His chest is 44 inches wide; this is a few inches larger than the average chest measurement of most men. Generally, Kevin has a nice masculine physique which has often been cited as one of his distinctive features aside from is short stature.

Kevin Hart Body Measurement Summary

Body Build Average

Height 5 feet 2 inches

Hair Color Black

Eye Color Dark Brown

Chest Size 44 inches

Arms /Biceps Size 15 inches

Waist Size 35 inches

Feet/Shoe Size His shoe size is not known

Kevin Hart Fun and interesting Facts

  • He lost his mother to cancer in 2006.
  • He was raised by his mother Nancy since his father was addicted to cocaine and spent most of his time in jail.
  • He was arrested on the 4th of April for driving under the influence and was charged the following day to 3 years probation.
  • He used to be a shoe salesman before he begun pursuing his standup comedy career.
  • When he started his career, he used the stage name Lil Kev, this name has stuck as his nickname.
  • He named Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy as some of his role models in the industry.
  • He reconciled with his father and they have a functional relationship but this was after his father quit the cocaine abuse.
  • He is a close friend to Anthony Anderson: he is a producer and an actor.
  • He is also friends with Jason Figel.
  • He was often booed offstage and once had a chicken thrown at him while he was performing. The beginning s of his career was not easy.
  • He has only one brother.
  • He earned his first recurring role in 2000 in a television series The Underwood.