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Hugh Jackman is a celebrated Australian actor with active interests in television and musical theater. Jackman is highly regarded for his versatile nature that allows him to weave into romance characters, superhero, and other multiple categories that cut across the film genre. Jackman was born on 12 October 1968 in Sydney, New South Wales Australia. His parents are Grace McNeil and Christopher Jackman. He has has two sisters, Zoe Jackman and Sonya Jackman, and two brothers, Ralph Jackman and Ian Jackman. Jackman’s horoscope is Libra. His ancestry is a combination of English, Scottish and Greek. Jackman’s contribution to modern film is clearly manifest in his roles in X-Men film series where he starred as Wolverine. He also demonstrated remarkable skills and talent in Kate & Leopold, The Prestige, Real Steel, Prisoners, Van Helsing, Australia, Prisoners and Les Miserables. Jackman was awarded the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award 2013 following his remarkable performance in Les Miserables. He also received the prestigious Tony Award for his impressive performance in the Boy of Oz. In 1996, Jackman married Deborrah-Lee Furness. Deborah suffered two miscarriages, which made the couple to adopt their current two children. Credible sources have estimated Jackman’s net worth at $ 100 million.

How Tall is Hugh Jackman? – Jackman’s Body Facts

There is nearly every proof to show that Jackman is one of the best groomed celebrities in the modern world of stardom. He takes immense pleasure in showing his ripped and toned body for his legion of fans to see. Once in every while, Jackman appears on the celebrity magazines or on various internet outlets in a shirtless pose and a superstar posture. According to many health and fitness analysts, a good part of Jackman’s celebrity status derives from the great curves and bulges of his chest and biceps. He towers above many of his peers with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. Without dispute, Jackman is one of the tallest celebrities on the modern entertainment scene. Height is always an additional advantage for any star who aspires for some glorious moments as a super-human character. From the look of things, Jackman might linger around in the celebrity circles for slightly longer than many would have expected. This is for the simple reason that his competitors and rivals lack the advantage of height and weight. Discussions about Hugh Jackman height and weight have often focused on the matter of balance regarding the two measurements. Jackman weights 82 kg. Any fitness expert would readily admit that this weight is in perfect balance with his towering height. Jackman did not earn his many awards for no good reason. There are always perks in looking the part in some of the movies that require some bit of movement and motion. In fact, some analysts have remarked that he would fair greatly as a full-time model.

The 46-year-old celebrity has just redefined the idea of aging by adding some sparkle to shine brighter than the gravity of time. Jackman is highly regarded as a celebrity who understands the meaning of moderation. He is not overly given to the excesses of the celebrity world, which have often pushed many promising stars and starlets of the industry into an early exit. Unfortunately, looking great on magazines and television screen often attracts some negative remarks from the extra sensitive world of critics. Some critics believe that Jackman has used more than natural means to achieve his great looks. According to them, Jackman has sought the services of some plastic surgeons to fend off the effects of old age. There are people who think that he looks younger than his real age. However, his fans need for than speculations before they think twice about such rumors. Those who know Jackman understand that he is a committed fitness enthusiast with a disciplined diet routine. The reasons behind his great looks are more than what appears on the surface.

Jackman’s Measurements Summary

Body Shape: Athletic

Body Type: Muscular

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 82 kg

Chest Size: 46

Biceps: 16

Waist: 34

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Feet/ Shoe Size: 12

Interesting Facts about Jackman

  • He has two adopted children
  • His wife had two miscarriages.
  • His parents originated from United Kingdom