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Henry Cavill is a fantastic British actor and philanthropist who showed up on the world stage through his impressive performance as Albert Mondego in the highly successful film, The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002. Cavill’s ability to adapt to vastly different roles remains one of his key strengths, which sustains his fame in the glorious ranks of the film world. Cavill was born on 5 May 1983 in Jersey Channel Islands, Britain. He is one of the five sons of Marianne and Colin, a bank secretary and a stockbroker or Jersey respectively. Cavill was raised in a family that consisted of his four brothers, Charlie, Simon, Piers and Nik. His horoscope is Taurus. Cavill’s ancestry is predominantly English although some speculators have linked him to the Channel Islander ancestry. He launched his film career in 2001 through a great performance in Laguna. He quickly followed up on this success through the highly praised performance in the film, The Count of Monte Cristo. Other performances that won him critical acclaim are The Tudors, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and Midsomer Murders. Some of the remarkable films that continue to define his profile include Immortals, Stardust and Tristan & Isolde. In 2009, Cavill met and started dating the renowned equestrian Ellen Whitaker leading to an engagement in 2011. However, the engagement was ended in 2012. Cavill’s net worth is valued at $ 14 million.

How Tall is Henry Cavill? – Cavill’s Body Facts

The fine details about Henry Cavill height and weight cannot be divorced from some of his fantastic roles in film. Before Cavill launched his acting talents on Man of Steel and Superman, it was necessary that he looks the part. In the pursuit of this goal, Cavill began one of the most excruciating fitness exercises that transformed his body so profoundly that many of his critics quickly endorsed his role in the films. The gains derived from the arduous training schedule contributed significantly to the high levels of success with regard to the image of his physique. The natural advantages of his height and weight came in handy to complete a goal that he would have risked losing to some physically endowed peer. Cavill stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. In truth, this height is very much consistent with some roles that require a display of bravado and the type of machismo for which Cavill is renowned. With a weight of 92 kg, Cavill can lay claim to every speck of stardom that requires both show and substance. It would be right to contend that the 49-inch chest and the 16-inch biceps were some of the benefits that Cavill walked out with from the gym.

Some of the notorious celebrity analysts think that Cavill struggled excessively to achieve his great looks. Others think that hard training must be endured by whoever aspires of Cavill’s measure of fame. Analysts have described Cavill’s training as super-intensive. The initial reports of progress were in within six months. It required a good measure of discipline for the 31-year-old star to sustain the rigorous training for more than two hours every day. Cavill has ensured that he stays away from lifestyle factors that undermine the gains of his fitness regime. He has a strict diet that includes protein-rich meal and healthy replacement drinks that replenish his calories. Those familiar with the details of the post workout shake that contains a number of healthy foods such as coconut milk, maltodextrin, whey protein and peanut butter. It took the mentorship, support and guidance of the training guru Mark Twight of the renowned Gym Jones to push Cavill into his current shape and size.

Cavill’s Measurements Summary

Body Shape: Muscular

Body Type: Athletic

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 92 kg

Chest Size: 49 inches

Biceps Size: 16 inches

Waist Size: 32 inches

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Feet/ Shoe Size: Unknown

Interesting Facts about Henry Cavill

  • Cavill is capable of speaking nine different languages including Russian, Nepalese, Italian and French.
  • He dreams of acting Alexander the Great at some point of his career.
  • Cavill also hopes to act in the role of James Bond upon the retirement of Daniel Craig.
  • Cavill thinks that he would have ended up in the military or a scholar of Egyptology if he were not an actor.