Chris Hemsworth Height and Weight: Measurements

Chris Hemsworth height and weight

All About Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Bio

He was born as Chris Hemsworth on the 11th of August 1983 in Melbourne Australia. He is a renowned actor who has taken up many roles in the Hollywood industry. He was brought to the limelight when he portrayed the role of Kin Hyde in the television series Home and Away. As his fame spread, so did the number of movies and series he has been featured in , the Cabin in the Woods and Avengers are among the popular movies he has been featured in. he was raised in the towns of Melbourbe and Bulman, he family moved back and forth this town throughout his childhood. He is eth son of Leonie Hemsworth who works as an English teacher and Craig Hemsworth who works as a social service counselor. His sun sign is Leo. He comes from a sons only family. He is eth second child of the family with Luke being the first and Liam being the youngest. Just like him, all of his brothers are actors. Chris is not the typical celebrity and it has been observed that he is not into social sites. He is neither in instagram nor twitter. He married the second woman he dated during his time in the industry, Elsa Patakay. He met the Spanish actress in 2010 and married her the same year in December. He is now a father of two twins boys and one girl.

How Tall is Chris Hemsworth? – Chris’ Body Facts

Chris is famous for his tall frame and muscular body built. He is obviously into weight lifting since he is a bunch of muscles. His chest is almost two sizes larger than the normal man’s chest. He is an attractive man who has earned leading roles in many movies. His physique has earned him roles portraying a strong, courageous and fearless man. It is obvious that in his weight lifting, he is focuses more on making his chest bigger than he focuses on his arms. His 48 inches chest suggests commitment to a thorough weight lifting session. He has a perfectly toned out and tight body. This is always the case with people who exercise regularly. With his 6 feet 3 ¼ inches height, he towers above most of his age mates and this explains why he is often painted as the strong hero in movies. Chris is the perfect embodiment of a writer’s imagination of a hero. He has the physical qualities to embody most of the heroes described in history.

Chris Hemsworth Body Measurements Summary

Body Build Athletic

Height 6 feet 3 ¼ inches

Weight 91 kilograms

Hair Color Blonde

Eye Color Blue

Chest Size 48 inches

Arms/ Bicep Size 16 inches

Waist Size 33 inches

Shoe Size Unknown

Chris Hemsworth Fun and Interesting Facts

  • The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are his favorite childhood stories.
  • His favorite food is Pizza.
  • He comes from a family of three, he has two brothers who are also actors.
  • He is the voice behind the 2011 movie Thor God of Thunder.
  • He decided to become an actor not entirely because of passion but because he thought the profession as fun.
  • In order to portray this roe loin Thor to precision, he had to gain twenty more pounds.
  • He is neither on Instagram nor twitter, this is not a normal celebrity trend.
  • In 2011, he was ranked by Cosmopolitan as the most Fun and Fearless man in the world.
  • He undergoes regular and extensive training to master the American English accent for Hollywood movies.
  • His cast mate in The Avengers , Tom Hiddleston is his best friend.