Shakira Height

Shakira Height

All About Shakira

Shakira Bio

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, or better known by her stage name Shakira, is a Colombian singer, dancer, model, songwriter, choreographer and record producer. Born in 2nd February 1977 in Barranquilla, the sassy singer started performing at an early age in her hometown doing performances in Latin, Arabic, rock and roll and even belly dancing. She, however started her music career with the release of her first and second studio albums Magia and Peligro in the early 1990s which were not very successful commercially. However, the release of her major-label debut Pies Descalzos in 1996 which saw her rise to fame in Latin America became quite successful and reached many audiences. This was followed by her fourth album, Donde Estan Los Ladrones which also picked up popularity. She hit the English market with her fifth album Laundry service whose leading single was the hit song Whenever wherever, came to be the best selling single in 2002. Later on, hit song after hit song, album after album, Shakira became a household name in the music industry, especially after her songs Hips don’t lie which became the bestselling song of the 21st century and Waka Waka, the bestselling world cup song in 2010.

Shakira’s Body Measurements

Being a dancer and a performer most of the time, Shakira has quite a naturally curvy well-toned body fit for a dancer. With body measurements of 34-24-37, Shakira’s body is the perfect definition of womanhood. Her body proportions truly embody her most famous song Hips don’t lie. Even with hips that don’t lie, her upper body is also quite up to standard, with a bra size of 32B. Despite the fact that she is 10 years older than her footballer boyfriend, Gerard Pique, she looks much younger and healthier than most women her age. She stands 5’2 tall, weighs 117 pounds or 53kg and wears a size 4 (US) dress.

Shakira’s Fitness Routine

It seems that Shakira’s active life is quite enough workout for her body. However, given that she gave birth to 2 children and still looks fabulous, she surely must have a secret fitness plan that works for her. Well, Shakira has a personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, who has also worked as her choreographer and dancer in some of her music videos. Anna’s training sessions include high intensity cardio dance routines, strength trainings and fun exercises, which must be the reason behind Shakira’s lively and energetic performances. So, it seems like Shakira still dances to keep fit, after all it is what she is best at.

Measurements Summary

Shakira is one of the most sought after female celebrities because of her sexy voice coupled with her effortless belly dancing that still leave many in awe. Shakira’s body type is pear shaped, given that she has wider hips and a relatively smaller bust area. This, however, does not rule out her sexiness in any way. In her song with Rihanna, Can’t remember to forget you, Rihanna openly admitted to feeling insecure filming with Shakira because she was just too sexy!

Here is a general summary of Shakira’s body facts that everyone is talking about:

Body type: Pear
Height: 5’2”/ 1.57m
Weight: 117 pounds/ 53kg
Dress size: 4 (US)
Shoe size: 7 (US)
Bra cup size: 32B
Body proportions: 34-24-37